AL - Meter
Unique Equipment for Ferrite Cores Testing. The only mechano-tronic ferrite cores tester on global market.
Areas of application:
Production testing
Incoming inspection
Quality management
is unique (semi automatic) equipment of the ferrite cores by measure an inductance of reference coil positioned in the middle of the core. Air gap error is suppressed by mechanical system (Twisting device) pressing the cores together.
M3000   Universal Test System
was developed to test and measure both static and dynamic parameters of semiconductor devices so called "characterization of parameters".
UNIMET Universal Test System
represent the second generation of M3000 universal test systems which highly improving and enlarging offers cost-effective solution for incoming inspection, production, development, research labs, etc.
Produced Family Test Adapters for UNIMET / M3000
TA02B - Relays TA10B - Digital ICs
TA03B - Voltage regulators TA15B - SMART POWER devices
TA06B - Opto-couplers TA16B - MEMORIES
TA08B - A/D D/A converters TA17B - VLSI & ASICS devices
TA09B - Operational amplifiers TA27B - Diodes & Zener Diodes, Bipolar
  Transistors, MOS.FETs
TA07B - Diodes & Zener Diodes, Bipolar
  Transistors, MOS.FETs, Triacs &
is a newly designed top-class speed test system for mass production of small-signal discrete semiconductors.

UNISPOT S40 ACCEL is dedicated test platform for different areas of applications:
High volume production testing
Quality control
Failure analysis
Engineering testing
Wide range of components to test
Bipolar transistors
Zener diodes
Voltage regulators
Low pin count devices

Competitive advantages
Flexible and cost effective solution
Easy programming and debugging of test
Life-cycle support

Components supported: Relays, Linear Voltage Regulators, Smart Power Devices, Opto Couplers, Discretes, A/D and D/A converters, OpAmps and Comparators, LSI & Memories, SSI/MSI Logic

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