M3000 UTS

Family Test Adapters

M3000   Universal Test System  will become   UNIMET
Dear Customers, as you know M3000 Test system is more then 20 years on the market. for past few years M3000 system has been produced in company UNITES Systems a.s., previously SZ-UNITES a.s. Unfortunately, we have been informed by many suppliers they are not able to supply us parts for M3000 anymore due to components obsoleteness. The production of Family Test Adapters will continue in their original construction. Now UNITES Systems a.s. offers improved and innovated follower of M3000 > The UNIMET Universal Test System.

UNIMET is fully compatible with former M3000 system, Test adapters and M3000 options. It means temporary customer does not need to sacrifice former investments. Unites provides full support and service including applications transfer. Such compatibility and flexibility comparing to the cost of an acquirement is absolutely unique in ATE industrial sector.
UNIMET sets new standards of Power/Price ratio - you get mid-cost mixed signal test system for low-cost system price!
UNIMET - Mixed Signal Test system ? Yes, UNIMET is equipped with new digital bus, new digital pin electronic unit -- DDPEL and DTIMU - time measurement unit. Features of these instruments allows user to use far more flexible and power-full mixed features than former M3000. Usage of modern devices like FPGA and dedicated memories, registers provide sophisticated and highly programmable and flexible hardware processing unreachable with former M3000 "discrete 7400" devices.
UNIMET new Analog features
new VI sources up to 50 V
    new Analog bus - can carry data faster, smaller signals, better synchronized
    new system voltmeter
    re-designed VS source
    new calibration and self-test features - dedicated CAST adapters to calibrate and self-test VI sources
    new power supplies rack - with temperature sensors, electronic fuses, under-voltage, etc.
UNIMET test system is capable and designed to make real characterization of devices. As there are now also "mixed" signal and intelligent discrete devices, UNIMET is focused to especially DYNAMIC parameters characterization. The dynamic features testing is highly demanded and useful for automotive, aerospace, space, RF com, R&D labs, research centers, etc.
UNITES last experience is a request of customer to characterize also dynamic parameters even in in-coming inspection. As a production and application of intelligent power devices will rise in near future the demand for full testing of devices will include also dynamic parameters testing and measurement.
Components supported: Relays, Linear Voltage Regulators, Smart Power Devices, Opto Couplers, Discretes, A/D and D/A converters, OpAmps and Comparators, LSI & Memories, SSI/MSI Logic