UNIMET / M3000 Family Test Adapters
Family test adapters are a set of SW and HW.
SW is mostly designed as menu-driven for user comfort. The user does not need standard compiler or dedicated language to make a test program e.g. for discrete devices. Software for TAxx is fully integrated within SCADUS universal test SW. HW of TAxx contains additional instruments necessary to test dedicated family of devices.

A complete delivered package of TAxx contains also so called GOLDEN devices i.e. devices with protocolled test results and refenence Socket Adapters with dedicated device socket and application circuitry.

Produced Family Test Adapters
TA02B Relays
TA03B Voltage regulators
TA06B Opto-couplers
TA07B Diodes & Zener Diodes, Bipolar *Transostors, MOSFETs, Triacs & Thyristors
TA08B A/D D/A converters
TA09B Operational amplifiers
TA10B Digital ICs
TA17B VLSI & ASICS devices
TA27B Diodes & Zener Diodes, Bipolar *Transostors, MOSFETs
TA27 Avalanche adapter for TA27B
HVm20 High Voltage module
HVM07 High Voltage Adapter
PSM51 PSM51 and PSM52 4 quadrat programmable continuous power source