Area of applications
  Production testing
  Incomming Inspection
  Quality management

Unique Equipment for Ferrite Cores Testing.
The only mechano-tronic ferritecores tester on global market.

AL-METER i unique (semi automatic) equipment to measure AL parameters of the ferrite cores by measuring an inductance of reference coil positioned in the middle of the core. Air gap error is supressed by mechanical system (Twisting device) pressing the cores together.

Twisting device
Twisting device is a mechanical system digitally controled pressing the ferrite cores closely together to avoid an air gap error.

Industrial sectors

  Home Appliances

Maximum applicable pressure 50 N
Pressure adjustable accuracy 10%
Pressure resolution
(internal pressure sensor)
0.25 N
Twisted device rise time 250 ms
Maximum vertical lift 90 mm
Accuracy of vertical lift 0.015 mm
Minimum vertical step 0.00375 mm
Minimum horizontal turn 0.45 angle degree
AL Bridge
Sinus generator frequency adjustable from 100 Hz to 100 kHz
Measurement ranges 10 H, 100 H, 1 mH, 10 mH, 100 mH, 500 mH
Accuracy 1.5%, 3% (10 H)
Minimum DUT voltage 3 mV
Competitive advantages
   The only test solution in the industry
   Unique precis equipment
   Excellent accuracy & stability
   Cost-effective solution
   Life-cycle support
   Combination of mechanical and electronic test methods
   Windows XP operated
   GUI-graphic user interface
   Self-Test program
   Certified calibration on-site
   Easy menu-like programming
   SW calibration