is  newly designed top-calss speed test system for mass production
of small-signal discrete semiconductors.



Wide range of components to test

Unispot S40 ACCEL is dedicated test platform for different areas of applications:
   High volume production testing
   Quality control
   Failure analysis
   Engineering testing

  Bopolar transitors
   Zener diodes
   Voltage regulators
   Low pin count devices

Test time
  Bipolar transistors 35 ms
  Diodes 25 ms

Competitive advantages
  Flexible and cost effective
  Easy programming and
    debugging of test program
  Life-cycle support

HW specification

   Multi-site and carousel capability
   Flexible pin electronics
   Extendable DUT pincounts
   Minimized relays switching
   Configurable measuring VI sources - CVI
   Relays self-diagnostic on-the-fly
   Waveform generation capability on 100 kHz sample rate
   SW calibration
   Standard configuration of TH up to 4 CVI boards
     Configurable CVI firmware for future enhancements

CVI - Combine VI sources
One CVI board designed for testing up to 3-pin devices
   2xVI source 30 V / 3 A
   HV source 600 V / 10 mA
   Leagake current meter from 100 nA range
   Sophisicated switching matrix
 CVIs can be grouped for testing multi devices or more pin devices

Application SW - TA107
   Easy and fast menu - like TP programming
   Wide library of standard test items
   Test time per test and total test time
   Test item editor for customer specific test items creation
   Stop At Fail possibility to get shorter test time
   SW scope tracer to analyze test conditions and results