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Handheld instruments for chemical identification of liquid, solids or mixtures substances, -even through container walls. 
Identify Explosives, Toxic, TIM's, TIC's,CWA's, Narcotics, Propellants, White powder and more.
Uses Raman, FTIR and NIR technique to take the power of the laboratory directly in the field.
FirstDefender, TruDefender, TruNarc, TruScreen, TruScan, Phazir.
Form and Trim tools, Rack and Trays for components and PCB, Soldering fixtures, Component Reconditioner tools, etc...
Thermal Forcing Systems, Chillers, Thermo Chambers, Thermo Bath and Dry Freezer equipments.
Decapsulator machines by acid etching.
TetEtch system and OmniEtch system 

Failure analysis and counterfeit solution.
Digital Microscope (Palm), Video Digital Microscope, USB Camera, Light Sources, Digital Imaging software, etc...

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