Particle Analyzer               
Plug-in software for Video ToolBox™

• Real time detection and
  analysis of particles from a
  live video image.
• Counts and measure size
  and statistical distribution.
• Print report.

Particle Analyzer is the easy way to locate and measure separate objects in a live video image. Particle Analyzer runs as a plug-in to Video ToolBox™

Use the mouse to click on a particle. The software marks each particle based on color and displays the percent coverage. Print your report for permanent record.

Particle Analyzer integrates seamlessly with Video ToolBox™ so you can use all the capture and annotation features of Video ToolBox™.

Print Quality Inspection
• Inkjet Print analysis
• Cell Colony Counting
• Particle Suspensions
• Electronic Assembly

  (ball-grid arrays)

Identify particles by color
 with an adjustable
View in color or in
 black and white.

Live image of printed

Live image with yellow halftones

Calibrated measurement with

View live images on the computer screen !

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