New Generation Decapsulation system

JetEtch Pro Decapsulator

Nisene Technology Group has jet again raised the bar with its latest automated decapsulation system. Much like their JetEtch decapsulation system, the safety and performance features of the JetEtch Pro decapsulation system are unparalleled in the industry.
It's New. It's Familiar. It's Still the Best.  

There are three configurations available:
JetEtch Pro
JetEtch Pro CuProtect
JetEtch Pro TotalProtect.

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Counterfeit Protection

Can you answer YES to any of the below question?

How do you know whether these chips are legitimate?

You must decapsulate them!

Are you tired of purchasing huge lots of integrated circuits
   (ICs) only to find out that youv'e been ripped off and that all
   of those ICs are counterfeit?

  Are you tired of spending time and money on expensive,
   outsourced anti-counterfeit testing?

  Are you interested in safeguarding your business against
   ever-increasing IC counterfeit fraud?

  Would you like to be able to perform the counterfeit
   testing yourself, in your own facility?

If you answered YES to any of those questions,
you need a JetEtch Pro decapsulation system!


Can Opener

The CERDIP Opener from Nisene Technology Group opens hermetically-sealed ceramic dual inline packages, or CERDIP's forfailure analysis and conterfeit protection inspection.


The Can Opener from Nisene Technology Group is the perfect accessory to getting inside the "can" -style devices that can't be etched by chemical means.
Using a process similar to that of a can opener you might have in your kitchen, the Nisene Can Opener opens just about any type of can device you can throw at it.