ThermoJet ™

Precision Temperature Cycling System

ThermoJet is a precision-controlled temperature forcing system that delivers an airstream of up to 20 SCFM to rapidly change the temperature of a product or Device Under Test (DUT). ThermoJet delivers temperature transition speeds unmatched in the industry, and only ThermoJet can deliver -80ēC all the way to 20 SCFM. ThermoJet also delivers best-in-class electronic control, ergonomics and economy.

Temperature Range*:
-80° to +225°C

Additional ThermoJet Features at a Glance
• Highest thermal capacity available in the industry
   • CFC and HCFC free
   • Uses off-the-shelf refrigerants with easy availability and economy
   • External thermocouple with auto-tuning for convenient temperature control
     and monitoring of DUT
   • IEEE-488 and RS232 remote interface available
   • Backed by more than 30 years of thermal engineering expertise
   • 10 programmable temperature profiles; 0.1ēC increments
   • complete data logging capabilities.  


Why you should consider ThermoJet:
• Maintain -80ēC at 20 SCFM... you get true extended low temp testing. This means your
    devices (even large ones) get to low temperatures, get there faster and stay there longer.
  • Cascade refrigeration system reliably delivers vigorous temperature cycling, even in 
    a 24/7 operating environment.
  • Portable space-saving tuchscreen controller.
  • Compact footprint (21" x 27") and caste-mounted for mobility.
  • Cycle from +200ēC to -65ēC in less than 10 seconds... you save time.

Options & Accessories

• Thermocouple Kit
  • Shrouds
  • Insulation Silicone Sponges