Low Temperature Bath

The Multi-Cool low-temperature bath eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen in a wide variety of applications. The benchtop Multi-Cool baths provide up to 8 liters of working fluid volume at temperatures between -80C and +100C. The self-contained low temperature bath has a PID control for precise temperature control with RS-232 interface capability. These baths include a magnetic stirrer in the bottom of the bath that agitates the fluid for optimal temperature uniformity and stability.


Mechanically refrigerated benchtop bath eliminated the need for dry ice and LN2.

Temperatures from -80C to +100C
0.1C control stability
Four and eight liter bath sizes
  Charpy impact testing
  Controlled-temperature reactions
  Biological slide freezing
  Pour-point determinations
  ASTM plastic and metal tests
  Tissue freezing
  Viscosity studies