Air-Jet XE TM

Air-Jet XE
Precision Temperature Cycling System

Full Mil-spec temperature range, at a variety of airflow rates, in a compact benchtop system.

With Air-Jet XE you get robust testing capabilities at your bench, using widely available air and 220 volt facilities (110 volt also available).

Temperature Range*:
-75° to +225°C

                                      Air-Jet delivers:
   • -75ēC to +225ēC in compact size.
   • Fastest benchtop temperature cycling rates
   • Self-contained design doesn't require liquid nitrogen or other 
     external temperature source
   • Temperature control and monitoring from either an external
     or internal thermocouple
   • Excellent stability, accuracy and repeatability
   • Multi-temperature test at the touch of a buttom
   • Compatibility with automatic test equipment using
     GPIB or RS232 interface
   • Flow rates adjustable from 1.0 to 6.0 scfm
   • Small enough to be rack mounted  


  • Manual holding arm for positioning and securing shroud over DUT
  • Air Dryer lets you use shop air
    ~ Includes pressure regulator, pressure gauge, oil filter, particle filter,
       and heatless regenerative air dryer
    ~ Requires an inlet pressure of 100 psig and a flow rate of 10 scfm
  • Assortment of shrouds for different applications
  • Mobile Integrator with casters for mobility