1010, 2010 & 3010 DEMOUNTERS
The DYMATiX family of Demounters offers reliable, low-cost solutions for the removal of die from sawn film frames. The machines are user-friendly and require no mechanical adjustments, which means the operator can run all die sizes with only a single setup.

Operation of the machines is easy. The operator places the film frame on the unit. The Demounter then separates the die from the tape, spreading the die loosely on a removable tray, while still maintaining the original orientation. This entire process takes less than 30 seconds. The tray can then be taken to another area for manual die sorting. Using several of these trays allows a number of operators to sort die simultaneously.

The 1010D peels die as small as .070-inch square (1.75mm) from wafers up to 200mm in diameter.

The 2010 peels die down to .020-inch square (.50mm) from wafers up to 150mm in diameter. The 2010SD is equivalent to the 2010 with the added capablilty of peeling very small die of .010 inch square (.25mm).

The DYMATiX Model 3010 Die Demounter can easily remove fully sawn wafers from a film frame in less than thirty seconds. Die as small as .030 inch square can be easily and quickly peeled without any damage to the die.