Similar to the 880e, the 890e X-Y stage also accepts up to 200mm wafers, but replaces the vacuum Z-stage with a fully automatic one. The motorized Z-stage provides automatic thickness compensation and maintains the desired probe tip over travel of +/- .0001 inches (2.5mm). In addition, the unit comes with a motorized theta for "hands off" adjustment within .0025 degrees. The 890e also features an ultra rigid platform for vibration-free, sub-micron geometry applications.

The unit features ergonomically designed operator controls, with an eye-level 80-character, 1-inch x 8-inch display. The software control is menu-driven and has three modes of operation (auto, manual and external). The software also includes a diagnostic mode for quick identification of system status.

It includes interface ports for TTL, IEEE-488 and R-232 communications. Probers can be setup to operate in "hand shake" mode with a tester, or as slave to tester. A computer can function as master, with the prober and tester as slaves. Interface commands can be set externally for "lights out" operation.

The system accommodates both stereo view optics and video monitors. The probers come standard with two inker ports and two edge sense ports. Also standard is the 4.5-inch probe cardholder. 
This holder accepts both probe cards and diagnostic manipulators.

Optional equipment is also available to enhance capabilities.