The models 260 and 860 wafer probers provide a simple, yet functional choice for applications up 200mm. Their rugged design will give years of reliable service.

Both probers have precise X-Y micrometer adjustment; the 260 with 100 mm of X-Y travel and the 860 with 200mm of travel. The Z height contact position is controlled manually by adjusting a 1-inch micrometer. The probes can be quickly raised or lowered .012 inch (.3mm), by using one of two levers located on the left or right side of the machine. A spindle located on the side of the vacuum chuck easily adjusts theta rotation.

Optics packages are available with either a Leica or Olympus microscopes. An optional microscope mount package permits X-Y adjustment for rapid centering of the optics over any portion of the wafer or substrate. Additional options are available to enable the user to perform a wide range of probing tasks.