Tape and Reel System

Manual Taping System

The TL-40 is a full featured SMD taping system that is designed for low to mid volume taping of virtually any type of component that can fit into embossed carrier tape. The system can accommodate a wide range of tape size and seal both heat sealable and pressure sensitive (PSA) cover tapes.


ATP-7K Component Taping System

A fully automatic, high speed tube-fed SMD component taping system

The ATP-7K taping system is a high speed, computer controlled unit designed to automatically place and seal SMD components into EIA embossed tape from 8mm to 56mm wide.
Key features include:
  High throughput up to 7,000 parts per hour
  Stack tube feed holds up to 30 tubes (SOICs)
  Simple, fast mechanical changes for different component
  Easy system set-up via on screen menus/graphics
  Programmable motor driven pick and place mechanism
  Full, independent process control of each seal head for
    temperature and pressure
  Optional vision based lead and mark inspection with
   automatic reject capability


Component Detaper Model ATP-7500

Fully automatic, high speed SMD component detaping system (into tubes) for SO, TSSOP, SOJ and other devices.

The ATP-7500 is a state-of- the-art detaping system designed to remove SMT components from EIA embossed tape from 8 - 44mm wide.