Inspection and Vision System

TRV-2000 Tray-to-Tray and Tray-to-Tape
Inspection System

An ultra high speed tray-to-tray/tray-to-tape component inspection system suitable for gull-wing, BGA and CSP packages.

The TRV-2000 is a state-of- the-art system designed to perform high speed inspection of components handled in JEDEC trays; tape and reel output is optional.

Key features include:
Handles gull-wing, CSP and BGA packages.
Performs 3D lead, mark and pin 1 inspection at up to 5,000 UPH
  with a single vision station and 10,000 UPH with dual vision stations.
Empties and fills trays a complete row at a time to insure that parts
  are always available for inspection.
Incorporates a walking beam concept for maximum throughput at
  the vision station.
Quick and easy tray loading and unloading at an optimal height.
Fast system changeover for different packages.
All doors and access panels are fully interlocked for safety



ATV-2000 In-Tape (Post-Seal) Inspection System

High-speed in-tape (post-seal) component lead, mark and orientation inspection system for two- and four-sided gull wing devices with seal quality check assures no damaged or wrong parts.

The ATV-2000 is a state-of- the-art system designed to perform a complete 2D inspection of gull wing components THROUGH sealed cover tape while simultaneously making measurements to asses seal quality.

Key features include:
Inspects most two and four-sided gull-wing packages, even if the
  lead configuration is not symmetric.
Performs 2D lead, mark and pin 1 inspection at up to 20,000 UPH
  with 100% yield.
Checks for cover tape seal integrity.
Parts count is verified using a sensor and dedicated counter.
Multiple axis light source works with both laser and ink marks.
Vision rejects can be marked either automatically or only after
  operator intervention.
Quick and easy tape loading and lead, mark and pin 1 training
Fast changeover for different packages.