PC-102 Probe Card Cleaner




The PC-102 was designed in conjunction with a VLSI device manufacturer for thorough non-contact, non-abrasive cleaning of high density microspring probe cards.

Thorough and proper cleaning of probe cards will lower contact resistance resulting in higher probe yields!

Non-contact, non-abrasive cleaning and drying methods will also increase probe card life and reduce probe card maintenance costs.

Cleaning, rinsing and drying recipes are programmable and recalled from memory. 

Cleaning solutions are stored in 2.0 liter bottles in the cabinet of the system.  Waste is stored in a 20 liter bottle.

Facilities Requirements:
DI Water
120/230 VAC, 3Amp, 50/60 Hz
N2 or CDA
Footprint:  29" wide x 22" deep

Before                                  After