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GEMINI - Raman and FTIR technique - Two-in-one chemical ID
Visit us at SNPF's training conference 2014
Thermo Scientific TruNarc Software v1.3 Release
Meet us at CBRN 2013 Symposium in Stockholm
Try and play with TruNarc at SNPF's Annual Contingent 2013
NEW product from Thermo Scientific < TruNarc > rapid Identification of Narcotics
FirstDefender RMX on a Talon robot from QinetiQ
FirstDefender RMX Next Generation of Ahura Scientific's FirstDefender XL
Chemical identification of explosives in Detroit
New JetEtch II from Nisene Technology Group
TruDefender FT - Handheld Rugged FTIR system
ChemSight - Hazardous Gas Detection
FTS Systems - our new supplier for thermal control system
NEW Portable Digital Microscope and Light Source
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