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Failure analysis and Test

Nisene Technology Group have produced Decapsulator systems
for more then 25 years with  constantly improvements for capacity and safety.

The latest series JetEtch Pro Decapsulators will protect bond wires and leads during the process to uncover the chip for possible testing. 
JetEtch Pro CuProtect and JetEtch Pro TotalProtect are unique of this kind on the today market.

Nisene Technology Group

Form & Trimming and Repair

Fancort Industries have for long time been market leader of Form and Trim electronic devices. Universal and Manual equipments with standard or dedicated tooling for custom requirements.

Fancort also have equipment and tooling for repair lead configurations and style and a lot of accessories for planarity, stand off analysis. 

Fancort Industries

Electronics Production

Through our leading suppliers and our own long experience to electronics production can we offer you flexible and economical solutions.

Components and PCB handling, Heat and Cool equipments, Testing, Failure analysis, etc...

SP Scientific (earlier FTS Systems)